+ Let’s face it, these memories matter. You matter. That’s why I keep things laid back, so YOU can shine through. Why is that important?? Because no one deserves to have anything hold them back from being their true beautiful selves - especially on a wedding day. Think about it, your friends and family have come together to celebrate you and your boo. So I keep things real and fun! I’m a wallflower when there’s candids to be photographed and I’m right there in the mix when it’s time for family formals. When this happens, you get photos that are a true representation of you - photos that take you back to that exact moment, that exact feeling, and leaves you reliving it all. +


yep. that’s me!


Hey hey, My name is Haley!

I’m a Florida native-hence the name-based in St. Augustine. I basically have the COOLEST job documenting weddings and all sorts of love stories. I speak fluent sarcasm, but don’t worry as a type 4 enneagram I can easily read the situation and know when to reel it in. I’m a firm believer that pineapple DOES belong on pizza, cats are awesome, and Derek should have just stayed home with Meredith. (Where my Grey’s fans at??) When I’m not working, I’m living the mom life with my son Graham. Last but not least, I love Jesus a whole lot and I’m so glad I’ve scored a “job” that lets me just love on everyone, no matter their story and no matter who they love.