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Make the Memories.

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St. Augustine Based, Wedding & engagement Photo & Video


I want you to have it all. Comfort, presence, all the feels, all the fun. I keep everything low key and easy so you get to save all your energy for your family, friends and the love of your life! My mission is to make you feel beautiful and wonderful just the way you are. How can I serve you?


Inspired by love

humbled by grace

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Hey hey! My name is haley

I’m Florida-made, a 5th generation Florida native with roots that go DEEP. This is what Native Expressions means to me. I come alive behind the camera and I am in love with everything wedding-related. Having grown up working in my moms bridal boutique, I’ve learned how to help lace up dresses just right, fix your veil, and fold those pocket squares perfectly. I’ve also been in the game long enough to be able to read people and situations, so I know when to step in and be in the heart of the action and I know how to post up as the wallflower, getting all those candid, real-life reactions.

The lowdown: I’m here to serve you wholeheartedly, help out however I can and catch every romantic moment that will yank on your heartstrings for years to come.


a little love from past couples