haley lynn martin

Inspired by love | humbled by grace

 Hey hey! My name is Haley. On most days, you can find me sippin' a chai or coffee, watching Pride & Prejudice (again), or exploring with my son - the raddest kid around. I put way too much creamer in my coffee, order pizza all too often, and love Jesus a whole lot. I'm a big dreamer who is slowly learning that being grounded sometimes isn't the worst thing. (Shout out to the free spirits!). My favorite day of the week is definitely Sunday - it's the best day for naps, singin' with my fellow worship team peeps, and sippin' some iced tea on the beach. My life long goal is to serve this world through encouragement and telling everyone I meet about this awesome thing called GRACE.

 My heart is in serving others and exploring this insanely awesome world the God's given us. I totally believe in being content, but I don't believe in settling. Go out there, explore, love radically, and seek Jesus above all. He's led to me to some beautiful places. Some as far as Guatemala - building houses and loving on kiddos - and some as close as home - raising up a sweet boy and spreading some love in my community. 


 Two words - LAID BACK. I want to become friends with you. I want to hear your stories. I want to laugh with you, dance around, and be weird right alongside you. I'm friends with almost all of my clients, and that's what truly rocks my soul. If you're looking for some stiff prom poses, I'm not your gal - and that's totally ok! 

 My heart ticks for those raw in-between moments. I'm talkin' scrunchy nose kisses, tickle fights, and laughing so hard you snort. Life isn't stiff, it's fun, crazy, hectic, emotional. Your love story is so real and I want to document it truthfully. Those moments are the ones you'll want to remember from your engagement or wedding day. The real you. That is so much more valuable to me, and if it's the same for you, honey you're in the right place!


a few things you might not know about me