Florida Fall Family Portraits | The Shows Family


I have to brag on this family for a bit. They all hold one special place in my heart, having been there for me through the best & worst times of my life. Evan & Carla, along with their sweet children - Ainsley & Ephrem - are by far the most loving people I've ever had the honor of meeting. They both boast such a joy for life & in their love for others. They both do a phenomenal job in being leaders of their departments at our church. God has definitely blessed my life, making these two not only very special friends, but supporters in the path God has laid out for my life & in the talents I've been gifted with. Thank you Evan & Carla! 

Sidenote: Ainsley & Ephrem are by far the coolest, sweetest, & cutest kids around! 

fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 3
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 5
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 6
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 7
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 8
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 9
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 10
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 11
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 12
fall-family-lifestyle-portraits-florida-photographer 13
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