Shipwrecked Sunrise

Josh and Ashley met 5 years ago while Ashley was traveling with her best friend around Europe.

He actually waited on Ashley and her friend, so of course the two girls went back the next day in hopes of Josh being there again. Spoiler alert, he was!! They decided to hang out and the rest is history. Ashley ended up moving to England to be with Josh where they spent the next 4 years. They recently moved back to her hometown of Palm Coast, Fl and after about 6 months of living in Florida, Josh proposed! They had spent the day at the beach then went off on a little walk where he popped the question. AND THAT’S NOT ALL. Josh had been in cahoots with Ashley’s mother to plan a surprise engagement party, in which they came home to that night.

So their engagement session was extra special — on a beach, walking around, laughing, kissing, and hugging. Being real, being in love, and being freaking adorable. I mean look at them!