frequently asked questions

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Here are some of the most asked questions I’ve gotten and hopefully a ton of helpful answers! Please read through them all and don’t just skim. These questions are asked so much because they’re important. SO read through, soak it all up, and if you’re still unsure of anything, get in touch!! You can shoot me an email, gimme a call, heck send smoke signals if needed, and I’ll answer any other questions you’ve got.

PHOTO & VIDEO, HOW’S THAT WORK? Right now, I’m only able to do one or the other! Totally wish I could clone myself, but until I’m able to add on an associate videographer/photographer it’s just photo OR video.

WHO IS GOING TO BE THE SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER? So this one’s a fun one!! I’ve got a few ridiculously talented friends who I hand pick from based on their availability. Trust me, I’ve worked with them on multiple occasions to make sure you get the best team to cover your wedding day.

WITH A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER, WHO EDITS ALL THE IMAGES? ME!!! This keeps everything consistent and what you see here is what you’re going to get.

HOW MANY IMAGES DO WE GET? For weddings, this totally depends of how many hours of coverage. On average I deliver between 600-1000 edited images. It pretty much breaks down to roughly 100 images per hour, but honestly there isn’t a set limit.

CAN WE GET THE RAW/UNEDITED IMAGES? You’re hiring me for my editing style, so I’ve gotta say no. I put a TON of hours and love into the final images I deliver. I pinky promise I deliver ALL the important memories, big and small.

ARE YOU WILLING TO TRAVEL? Heck yeah!! I’ve shot in California, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and New York. So wherever you’re headed, I’d love to come along! Now, pricing for adventures are a bit different and there are certain travel fees — like lodging, flights, rental car, etc — but let’s talk details!

DELIVERY TIMEFRAME: For couples session, I deliver within 3 weeks and weddings take 6-8 weeks.

HOW DO YOU DELIVER PHOTOS? I use an online gallery to deliver all of the edited, high resolution images. The gallery is personalized and ridiculously easy to navigate. With the gallery you get unlimited downloads and can order high quality prints at any time. Want to share the photos?? Just use the link provided once the gallery is delivered to invite your loved ones to join in on the party!

WHAT IS THE BOOKING PROCESS? Well, first I do a little happy dance, cause YAY!!! But on a serious note, Once you have chosen the customized package that best fits your priorities, I’ll send over an invoice for your 25% retainer to officially book your date. Then we get a contract signed! The remainder of your balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding — this way you have one less thing to think about on the big day. I send all invoices and contracts online so that it’s super easy!