most ardently

I'm drawn to people who are a bit different, and who value the experience I have to offer. If you're on the search for just any photographer with a fancy camera, I'm not your girl and that's totally okay! I believe first and foremost that everyone deserves a photographer that matches their needs perfectly. As for me, I'd much rather show up on your wedding day or to your elopement a friend than just another vendor.

Lets chat about how you met and fell in love. I want to hear all about how he proposed and what you love to do on the weekends. I want to learn how you interact so that I can tell your story THAT much better!

So If you're down for an adventure, not afraid to get a little sand on your feet, and don't mind rain or wind messing up your hair, we just might be the perfect fit! I want to give you those raw in between moments. Those moments that are unposed, unplanned, and sometimes a little bit silly. Maybe you're hair isn't perfect, but your face is nothing but pure joy. I'm also a sucker for details! From the biggest details - like mountains and oceans - to the smallest - like jewelry or your intricate wedding dress. I want to serve you with photographs that not only take you back to the exact emotion you felt when they were taken, but show off all the sweet details you poured your soul into. 


Elopement (4 hours) >> 2080

Intimate Wedding (6 hours) >> 2640

Full Wedding (up to 12 hours) >> 3200



*all Travel Collections INCLUDE all Florida travel expenses outside of 50 mile radius*

Elopement (4 hours) >> 3480

Intimate Wedding (6 hours) >> 4040

Full Wedding (up to 12 hours) >> 4920


*For International Destination Weddings inquire for a custom quote*

Think we're a good fit?? Come say hello and lets get this show on the road!